Washer Disinfector

HMCE Clean One2 Washer Disinfector

The Clean One2 is an ISO EN15883, HTM 01/05 compliant ‘all-in-one’ Ultrasonic Washer/Disinfection unit which enables the full automation of the ‘Dirty/Clean’ process for instruments immediately after use and ready for sterilisation.

The whole procedure is completed without handling soiled instruments therefore reducing the risk of infection or injury to caregivers, as instruments are simply placed immediately into the Clean One2 after use and come out clean and dry… ready for sterilisation.

Step 1 – Pre-disinfection (Soaking)

Pre-disinfects soiled instruments by immersing in a bath of measured chemical solution.

Step 2 – Disinfection/Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning technology in a disinfection solution penetrates even the most difficult and inaccessible areas.

Step 3 – Rinsing

Ultrasonic rinsing with clean water provides instrument preservation by avoiding typical corrosion from chemical residue.

Step 4 – Drying

Tangential 80°c hot air flow provides even and consistent drying, even for an irregular arranged workload.

Soiled instruments are simply placed directly into the Clean One2immediately after patient treatment.

Instruments are stored in a bath of Pre-disinfection solution prior to a process of Ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and drying and emerge ready for sterilisation.

All stages of the full Pre-sterilisation cleaning process is completed automatically without any handling.


One single product for all stages of the pre-sterilisation • routine

Automatically complies with the “Dirty • aClean” procedures

Soiled instruments never require handling therefore reduces • infection risk

Ultrasonic cleaning for improved preservation of instruments •

HMCE specialise in Disinfection and Sterilisation products which are subjected to stringent testing procedures and meet all the requirements of EN15883 and comply to HTM 01/05 guidance.

In addition to the Controls and Testing carried out in HMCE’s own workshops to meet these EU standards, HMCE products are accredited by Apave which assure their operational reliability.


Specific Data

Clean One2 18ltr

Clean One2 27ltr

External Dimensions (mm)

556 x 560 x 460mm

556 x 660 x 460mm


329 x 300 x 200mm

480 x 290 x 200mm











220v – 240v 50/60Hz

220v – 240v 50/60Hz

Solution Reservoir




35 – 50mins according to program


Normal, Instruments loose

Normal, Instruments in tapes

Intensive, Instruments loose

Intensive, Instruments in tapes

Washer Disinfector